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Dry Cleaning Santa Monica

Anyone that's been or lived in Santa Monica knows the citizens are hip and they dress right. Clothes budgets are not a concern for people dressing to walk on the wharf or just hang out at muscle beach. But those clothes get dirty. Throwing them in a washer might destroy them. Dry cleaning Santa Monica is a must!

Crisp and Clean

Dry cleaning is the process of using fluids to remove soil and stains from delicate fabrics. No water is used and the cleaning fluids never penetrate the fibers of the fabric. That way the stain goes, but the fabric stays crisp and strong. Dry cleaning is great for removing oil and grease stains.

So you're an active person that likes to dress well. Stains and spills happen. When dropping off dry cleaning Santa Monica be sure to follow some tips.

Stain or Sunscreen?

If you stain a good article of clothing take it to the dry cleaner right away. The sooner they get it, the better the chance to remove it.

Definitely do not iron stained or soiled clothes. The heat will set the stains making them impossible to remove.

Santa Monica is fun in the sun. Sunscreens, lotions, deodorants, and creams are very popular and common. Watch out, these will stain your clothes. If you use them a lot be sure to regularly drop off your dry cleaning Santa Monica. Deodorant is responsible for a lot of stains.

Dry cleaning is Dry Cleaning

That is not true. Like any other business there are good ones and bad ones. When doing your dry cleaning Santa Monica, be sure to check the store out. If they have a website, give it a look. Do they interact? Do they have a contact? Check local online reviews. Limited complaints are expected especially if it is a busy shop. But, if too many people are complaining, move on.

Look for local businesses. Get to know them. They are not just your dry cleaners, they are your neighbor. Establish a relationship.

When finding a dry cleaner in Santa Monica, take your time. There are great ones out there.

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